Saturday, April 17, 2010

My sewing to do wish list

What to work on next? Well, I have most of the stuff to work on the Imperial Officer uniform for my 501st project. I'm a "cadet" in Garrison Carida. I just started drafting the pattern for the top, based on Folkwear's Belgian chef's jacket pattern.

I know I'll need to make a lot of adjustments, but I have to start somewhere.

I also picked up this 1879 Natural Form dress package (by Truly Victorian) from

I have been wanting to complete an outfit from that period for a long time, but so far I only have done bits and pieces. Need to really follow through this time, like I did for the 1780s thing...

But I also want to make Stef some new garb for Pennsic, and he expressed interest in being a "pirate" and wearing what he lovingly calls "Haji man-jammies" - in other words, he wants to try some Middle-Eastern garb.
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