Sunday, April 03, 2011

MegaCon Costume Stuff

Spent a couple weekends in sunny Florida, and that was nice. Had fun at MegaCon, even though it isn't entirely my cup of tea. Sure, I like comic book superheroes, and I'm a huge fan of anything Star Wars, but the con is now dominated by the anime kids, and I don't really get all of it. My favorite anime films are 25+ years old at this point. So, I'm a bit behind on the current trends.

I did squee over all the hype for the upcoming release of the "Thor" movie.

S.H.I.E.L.D. - the fictional law enforcement agency in the Marvel universe

...and took photos of everything Star Wars...
I am currently working on an imperial officer uniform, and Stefan has informed me that I could make one for him, too, if I wanted.
The costume that I wore at MegaCon is my own invention - it is a very faithfully constructed 1870s period ladies dress, made out of the digital urban camo fabric of the fictional US Marine Space Corps uniform, with all the appropriate emblems and insignia of such. No one was going to guess that one, but a lot of people thought it was something "steampunk." I just wanted to do a twist on the USMSC uniform. That is not unusual to see at a con. For example:
On the right - Gladiator/Roman Soldier Stormtrooper. And, there was also Pimp Vader.
I thought the BSG folks looked great, and I promise myself that I will do a BSG costume, probably a deck hand or shuttle (viper) pilot, at some point.
So I got to thinking about a lot of other fantasy/sci-fi costumes that I would like to do, like a Romulan, or Borg from Star Trek...maybe something from Babylon 5...

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