Monday, August 17, 2015

Pennsic 44: metal working

All of my photos from the event are on flickr here -

So metal work seemed to be a theme for me this year. I went to classes on tinsmithing, wire weaving, and silversmithing. I was surprised by how easy it would be for me to get into any of those hobbies. They don't require a lot of tools and skills that I don't already have. 
In the tinsmithing class, we learned how to cut, shape, and solder pieces of tin, using simple tools.
I put together this hurricane lamp in a matter of hours. 
Viking wire weaving is a way of making chain.
I put the small length of chain that I wove in class on to a leather thong to wear as a necklace. 

I especially like the results from silversmithing class. 

Tools for basic silversmithing - not that difficult to obtain.
An easy first project - setting a cabochon into a bezel.

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