Sunday, September 08, 2002

Dream Theater is Cool

The Kings X/Joe Satriani/Dream Theater show was a nerd-fest, nerd-o-rama. Not that that's such a bad thing, it's just that I've never SAT through a show like that before (I'm used to balancing precariously on the arm rests or seat back or something like that, but at my age, SITTING is a good thing!) All three acts put on a very good show. Much guitar acrobatics for one evening. The guitarist for Kings X did quite a bit of soloing. Joe Satriani, of course, did amazing guitary things and so did James Petrucci. I was bummed that Mike Portnoy did not do a drum solo. I was pleased that James Labrie still had long hair and still sounded as good as the first time I saw him--I was very impressed with the vocals. The bass player and keyboardist for Dream Theater--the whole ensemble really--were fabulous. I think that The AJ Palumbo Center was the largest venue and audience where I've ever seen them play.

Latcho Drom is Cool

However, I walked away thinking that they were a bit too happy/uplifting and polished for my taste (that evening, anyway). I think I am being spoiled by the folk music right now. I got a copy of the movie/documentary "Latcho Drom" and I am LOVING it. If you are into "gypsy" music, costume, life, whatever--you will love this film. It is serious eye and ear candy.

Farscape RULES--Scifi net is making a big mistake...

In other news...I heard that FARSCAPE WAS DROPPED BY THE SCFI NETWORK!!!! There won't be a season 5!!!!This could possibly be the STUPIDEST THING THAT A TV NETWORK EVER DID!!! If you are even a mildly interested fan of Farscape, you should write (not email) an actual physical letter to the scifi network and tell them how much they suck for doing such a thing--for dropping their best show--possibly THE best show on television! And while you're at it, tell them how lame and weak the Stargate SG series is.

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