Thursday, February 13, 2003

SinCity, cont.

Ow. My head hurts. I really poisoned myself last night with a gruesome sequence of white wine, guiness, and martinis. So I deserve it, but I did have a good time. After doing the obligatory gathering with my colleagues at Gameworks where I showed some folks how to play nine ball, and played that Daytona race car game, I went to a goth night called "Sanctuary" at club icon off the strip and definitely off the beaten path. It was a small back room where maybe a coupla dozen goth folk gathered--but a very warm welcoming and friendly scene and the music made me feel right at home. I met some good people that I will probably never see again. I was even complimented on my dancing. I also got a chance yesterday to walk around the Venetian and that was amazing. It is definitely a must see if you are into art and opera. There is a large exhibit of artwork from the Guggenheim ($15 admission), which apparently has a strong affiliation, lots of other upscale stores, and I waited in the most enjoyable taxi cab line as the door man sang Italien standards to us.

The "statue" above was actually a live man!!

Oh yeah, and it was raining in my room this morning. Apparantly, the buildings here aren't that waterproof. The locals are saying that it has rained more this week than what they usually see all year. Can't wait to be home.

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