Monday, November 24, 2003

...And so Kharma balances everything out...had a very good weekend. On Friday, I performed for the first time as a dancer with Khafif (I'm the fiddle player, remember?) It was a good feeling. I hope they let me do it again. The audience at Chatham college was very alive and appreciative. It was also dessert night, yum! Afterwards, the other dancers and I raced over to Maria's kick-ass advanced bellydance class. I think I am becoming a masochist. However, don't go getting any ideas--you can still call me "Mistress Megan" ;-) Saturday, went to a baby shower, ick, but it was nice hanging out with mom and relatives, as long as I don't have to do it that often. But, the highlight of my evening was probably my "date." Dinner and Ceremony (goth night) turned out to be a very enjoyable combination. Sunday was also loads of fun. I dusted off my old Canon AE-1 Program and took a few cliche ubiquitous goth-in-a-cemetary photos with a friend, He also took the fab pix of me.

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