Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Okay so I had a super-crummy morning and would just like to vent. First of all, it's another lovely day in Pittsburgh: rain all day. I was running late as usual and I locked myself out of the house. I banged on the door and rang the phone for 20 minutes solid but wasn't able to stir up any roommates. I was almost going to call my bro but then just decided on breaking & entering. Needless to say, missed my bus, got the next one, hit a huge traffic jam and sat for about an hour. I'm staying here late anyway, but good thing the boss is out of town. Oh, hey did I mention that Pigface is here tonite? But I don't think I'm going now. No matter what, tomorrow night, I am going to see Lacuna Coil, then 80s night afterwards at The Upstage. Also coming up, Dec. 3, Christ Analogue, and Dec. 13, Cradle of Filth with Type O Negative, all happening at Club Laga.

This weekend...Friday, I am performing with Khafif at Chatham College for an International Fashion Show. Saturday, please have pity on me, I'm going to a cousin's baby shower, then goth night/Ceremony@The Upstage (I will need it). Sunday, I'm hoping to shoot some "artistic" photos;-)

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