Tuesday, May 13, 2008

UNLoadOut 003
Originally uploaded by mirvana.

I wasn't initially planning on going with the boyfriend to the Ai500 Black Jack event at Fort Blanding in a couple weeks. However, I decided to combine the trip with a visit to my grandfather who lives in Florida and so...I did not have all the stuff to do the load-out for a combatant/player in the game, but I still wanted to participate in some active way. This is my attempt at an NPC "UN observer/reporter" costume. Notice the UN flash on the hat, and the robin egg blue vest. I also have a light blue baseball cap with the UN logo on it, and I applied a UN badge to the backpack that I'm going to carry. I made the vest, based on an existing bulletproof vest that Stef has. I bet that no one else has ever gone to such lengths for an NPC.

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