Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mirv's sewing stuff

Mavi's Sewing Room on FriendFeed - where I've been posting links for patterns, sewing, supplies, &etc

Mirvana Makes Stuff - you're lookin' at it. I'll keep posting photos of my creations and other interesting stuff here. This blog feeds into Mavi's Sewing Room, too. - same old address, but I have repurposed the domain for selling military and tactical uniforms and accessories. Yes, I know that's a far cry from corsetry and Medieval costuming, but we are catering to airsofters, paintballers, and LARPers who do military/scifi themes. Http:// is my blog devoted to that space.

Dark Threads network - and if you are interested in joining the discussion about Darkthreads gear, airsoft, milsim & tacsim, and scifi costuming, please join us here!

1 comment:

Helena said...

I'm so glad I found this site! I'm into military and medieval costumes myself. Just haven't tried to make them myself yet.

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