Sunday, May 03, 2015

Travelog: Cairo, Egypt (continued)

Today I got to experience the mayhem that is traffic in Cairo. It really is insane. All traffic lights and signs are merely suggestions. It is a free-for-all. Drivers just go where they want. Collisions appear to be imminent at every turn. Drivers pound their horns and shout at pedestrians who dare cross at the intersections, or weave around slow and stopped vehicles. I'm glad I wasn't driving. I do not recommend that anyone attempts driving in Cairo. Just don't do it. 

Work was also interesting. I'm on a large university campus, swarming with students. I haven't experienced that kind of environment in a long time. It's like any other university, but in this case, professors are greeting me like I'm a visiting foreign dignitary. I guess I am. One of the professors took me to lunch today at the university's guest house - where they usually entertain VIPs. 

The room where we ate was so fancy-looking that I thought I was going to meet the president. 

The campus also has some really neat architecture and beautiful gardens. 

Observation #1: stray cats are everywhere. There is one in photo above. They are even running around the fancy hotel.

Observation #2: the university and many businesses in Cairo employ "office boys." These are guys who bring you tea, coffee, water, whatever you need. They come around and check on you, or you can call them, like room service, and they bring what you want. 

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