Saturday, May 02, 2015

Travelog: Cairo, Egypt

I scored a big one this time. Cairo, Egypt is quite the boondoggle. Actually, it is going to be a lot of hard work, and not much fun time. But still. It's Egypt! Pyramids!! And stuff!!! That's how my work is. I wonder if they will ever send me anywhere again, and then BOOM.

I'm in a tropical paradise.

Anyhow, I'm here in the place, it's my second night, and I already need to blog about it. It's just so interesting.


Pro tip #1: learn some Arabic, use it, and people will treat you like you are their new best friend. Even if you don't speak it so well. And, they'll be So shocked that you are an American. They will guess German, or British, or Canadian first.

Many similarities to Las Vegas. Dense residential and commercial areas, surrounded by desert. Huge hotels, with casinos. At least, the one that I'm staying in reminds me of the big hotels in LV. It covers a city block, has a dozen restaurants, multiple swimming pools, aggressive air conditioning, and you don't need to go outside. Obviously caters to foreigners, therefore everyone speaks some English. Thus, someone who attempts to speak a little Arabic, especially an American, is like a rainbow unicorn here.

Perhaps it offsets the hair. Everyone is staring at my hair. And probably also my glow-in-the-dark skin. I'm glad I brought a scarf. When I go out tomorrow, I may need it.

Otherwise, maybe I could fit in. Egyptian women are short and voluptuous. I feel curvaceously beautiful among them. Except for the flight attendants on Egypt Air. They look like skinny bellydancers. Perhaps that's the "type" they go for.

So, yeah, I haven't been outside the hotel yet. But I can tell you this much: it's like being at a Disney resort. Lots of families with small children staying here. And tonight, the lobby was full of wedding parties. This is a very family-oriented place, and for some reason, it's giving me a warm fuzzy.

Maybe it's because the hotel is a fancy one, but it is amply staffed, as in, there are too many people trying to wait on me at one time. I am not used to this kind of treatment. I feel shabby. I want to tell them, "I am poor. My employer is paying for all this," but I think they know that already, and for that I get a note of sympathy, maybe.

Al Dabke - Lebanese restaurant  in the hotel is one of the best things in life to happen to me so far. I am recovering from a most decadent meal there, and now I must to bed.

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