Monday, December 23, 2002


I'm having mixed feelings about this. I was okay with the changes that were made to the story in the first movie to adapt it to a screenplay. They made sense. But I don't like what happened to Twin Towers. For those of you who didn't read the book, let me set the record straight (what should have happened):

  • Aragorn did NOT break up with Arwen before he left Rivendell. He stayed true to her. Arwen did not leave to go into the West. Maybe they thought there needed to be more sexual tension between Aragorn and Eowen.
  • The elves must have had it in their contract that they HAD to appear in the second movie because they weren't supposed to be there at all. No, the elves did not arrive at Helm's deep to save the day.
  • The Ents actually saved the day at Helm's Deep. One morning, the besieged awoke to find a forest standing in the battlefield where the enemy was. The Ents had done away with them, as well as taken over Saruman's tower. Maybe they thought this was a little far-fetched.
  • Faramir REFUSED the ring! He was not a dickhead like his bro---he let Frodo go on his way and did NOT take him and Samwise and Golem to Osgiliath! I have a big problem with this one because this really changes his (Faramir's) character.

However, there were some good things. Golem is well-rendered. Maybe a little too well. I could have done with fewer close-ups. There were a lot of gratuitous close-ups. I'm glad to see that Galadriel is keeping up with her skin-care regimen--she has good pores. I'm glad to see that the Ents weren't completely written out of the script. Aragorn is hot. Legolas is still the prettiest. ;-)

Star Trek: Nemesis

Another 2-hour episode of trek. However, I really really really liked the villain: a young punkass version of Picard.

Recommended: Lacuna Coil

Happened upon the site of this band and listened to their samples, and then promptly ran out to media play and bought their latest, Comalie. I love it. It's romantic, haunting, melodic goth metal. Very easy for me to listen to.

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