Friday, March 21, 2003

War Shmar...Farscape: R.I.P...eBay Feedback Galore...Khafif Merch...Henry Rollins

Had a week at work.

Anti-war protesters make a feeble showing downtown during rush hour. I think that the cops and news vans outnumbered them and did more to disrupt traffic than they did. Don't get me wrong. For once the Pope and I agree on something---the war is illegal and immoral, but I'm not so much anti-war as I am anti-saddamhussein and pro-liberation of the Iraqi people. I just think that it is futile to protest a foregone conclusion. The war is running according to schedule, just in time for sweeps.

BTW, just watched the series finale of Farscape. Bummer. You can call 1-888-SCAPE-66 or visit if you want Farscape to continue, but I'm not so sure I do if John & Erin have been reduced to confetti.

I just have to toot my own horn...people are saying wonderful things about the rajasthani choli pattern. Check out my feedback here.

Speaking of eBay, I am working on setting things up to sell Khafif merchandise. We have T-shirts and halters, music CDs, an instructional Video, and songbooks are coming soon.

And just for completeness, I should mention that I started "The First Five" by Henry Rollins. This is a collection of some of his early prose snippets and poetry. It's good. It's him. I wish I would have read it back in the early 80s when I was really taken by the punk thing. It would have explained a lot. I saw him front for Black Flag in 1984. They were at "City Limits." I got to meet him in person before the show. He looked really spaced out and didn't talk, or maybe he was just being very serious and intense. I was young and naive, so I couldn't tell the difference. He had long hair back then. He did the show in nothing but a pair of shorts and you could see the big sun tattoo on his back. He rocked. Now, I've seen him twice on his spoken word tour and I know that I am old because of how much he has aged--but he is still hot!

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