Thursday, September 18, 2003

The Marrakesh Restaurant in Costa Mesa was awesome! I just love Morroccan restaurants to begin with, and this one was particularly good: good food and a good dancer. A little on the expensive side, but the honey lamb was to-die-for and I will be forever trying to figure out how the couscous was seasoned. The dancer, Tiffany, has been dancing there for 7 years, studied with Suhaila, and teaches her own classes in the area of Orange County. I thought her undulations were particularly good. Here we are posed after her show (she had already changed out of uniform). My colleague, Gary took some pictures of us dancing and I will post those when I can. I will probably be Internet-impaired until I am back in the office on Monday, because my cable modem at home is not behaving since the SO departed.

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