Monday, December 22, 2003

Wow. Had such a good time this weekend that I don't think I can write about it in my blog. Sorry. Well, it's just that, like, if my mom ever reads this, I'm just not ready to have THAT conversation. So I guess I can be vague. I went to some places and I did some stuff with some people;-) It was fun.

New Year's Eve, I recommend two places to be. One is, there will be an "International Fashion Party" at the Shadow Lounge in E. Liberty, 9:30 pm to 3 am. My roommates and friends are organizing this. It's BYOB. Should be fun. More info here. There's also a special Ceremony (goth night) at The Upstage that evening. I'm torn. I want to go to this too. This year is the first time in about 15 or so years that I'm not hosting a party at my house, so it will be a little hard for me, letting go of that.

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