Monday, October 21, 2002

Adventures in TV shopping

So we are now thralls of the mammoth 43" widescreen TV that dominates our living room. I spent WAY much more money than I wanted to, and I wasn't pressured!!!! I just realized after going to several different stores that we were not going to get our money's worth unless we went all the way. So I'm considering it an investment and I expect this appliance to last us into the HDTV era. Needless to say, "movie night" is at our house this Friday.

In other news...

Went to a friend's birthday party yesterday, at her home in the "country," which was a very pleasant experience. She lives in a 120-year old farmhouse, with built-in dead people (there are 3 grave markers on the property, so old that most of the inscription has worn off). Cool. Had some mulled cider by the fire ring in her yard and marvelled at the good weather and fall colors just beginning to bloom around here.

Oh, and I nearly forgot--the hafla last Saturday was fun, very good turnout. We performed our "Guedra" piece in full North African tribal costume and I nearly lost my voice chanting. I must not have done too bad, though, because I received a few compliments--the FIRST EVER compliments on my singing that I have ever received in my life (let's just say that I have never been known for my singing). I think it has to do with what was in my heart. The Guedra is a very spiritual thing. The other performers were wonderful as well. There was a wide diversity of styles represented and it was a perfect forum for such a thing. It was a bit crowded, though, and I would wish for a bigger dance space AND amplification for my instrument--I unfortunately couldn't play my violin and be heard in the venue. It was much too loud and overpowering. So I went home early. There is supposed to be another hafla in November, so stay tuned.

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