Sunday, April 06, 2003

FLUX9 Aftermath

Well, my camera battery died, so no pix of FLUX, at least not from me. I think I enjoyed being a participant of this FLUX more than I ever did just attending one. The only bad thing was maybe having to play in the cold on the outdoor stage--my fingers were almost frozen. The light show was pretty cool, though. The Art of News was up in the old Pollinator lounge and interviewed us before we went on the main stage--that was fun. The Pollinator hardly changed a bit since I last saw it. The bar and bench seats are still there. I got to sit in my old booth. I wonder if I'll ever get to do that again. The old artwork on the walls provided the perfect backdrop for the new artwork that was displayed all over. It is a shame that the Oakland Beehive has been closed so long and it's ultimate fate is yet to be determined. I wish for it to become a theatre and show place again.

Our big moment on the Beehive stage came, and I was so terribly nervous. We had no sound check, and they had the violin up too high, and the monitors were almost deafening me. They finally turned it down at some point during the performance, but not until after I loudly flubbed one of my riffs in the first tune. I recovered it, but still I can't stop thinking about it. We were on the Beehive stage for cryin' out loud! We opened for ATS!!! It was almost too much to bear. The audience seemed appreciative, though. We were a novelty. I think we made an impression.

Overall, it was a great show and very well attended. By 10 pm, they had to count people in and out of the building because it was so crowded. After hanging out for a while, we mozied on over to Ceremony (goth night) at the Upstage. It was especially hoppin' n boppin' there last night.

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