Friday, August 29, 2003

A cathartic week? It certainly does feel different now than when it started. Spent some time last Sunday just hugging and crying with my soon-to-be-ex-husband's cousin. We are very close and she is having a hard time with the split. I think it will be okay, though. We are always going to be like family no matter what.

I still feel overwhelmed with work but I did make some progress this week. A few new projects kicked off and I feel good about them. I'm still running behind schedule, though and playing catch up from vacation. Speaking of which, I am still working off my post-Pennsic depression. It is always like this after Pennsic (as if I didn't have enough emotional baggage right now). Someone posted an interesting message to the message board: 69 Reasons Why It Sucks to be Back in the Mundane World, which pretty much captures my feelings as well.

I am not-quite-single-again yet, but I did pass a critical milestone that I'm quite proud of--I mowed my lawn! And I took out the garbage. I don't need a man! (Ya, right.)

Looking forward to a long weekend of fun-filled activities, including a show tonite with Between the Waters, my new favorite band. And, possibly Ceremony. Other than that, who knows. Bon weekend.

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