Sunday, August 03, 2003

Did some cool stuff this week! Attended a short story reading, hosted by American Shorts, at the Mattress Factory. The theme was sex, so of course it was very amusing. The texts and readers were Joyce Carol Oates - Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? (read by Jennie Luvv) and Allen Gurganus - Adult Art (read by Tom Sokolowski, who happens to curate for the Warhol Museum). Both readers were very good. I also attended a performance by Monks from Tibet, of the Drepung Loseling Institute--part of the Frick concert series. They are famous for their multi-phonic chanting. It was worth it to hear live--their voices cut through the air like a knife through butter. And of course, had to set up camp for Pennsic. As is tradition on land grab day, it was excruciatingly hot and humid, making the packing and unpacking of the truck and erecting of the pavilions all that much more fun. But, I did not plan on staying the night--I had yet more interesting things to do this weekend. After getting back from camp and washing off the grime, I went to a party. This party was of particular interest because the theme, which was strictly enforced, dictated that you wear ONLY two pieces of clothing (not counting shoes). I could not pass up such a fashion challenge, so I had to go. It was fun. Some people had fun with the theme, but it was somewhat lame. Most of the guys just went "commando" under their t-shirts and shorts. There were a couple of kilts. One guy wore a chef's apron over underpants--that was imaginative. Another wore a cardboard box! There were a couple of chippendale dancers: tie and dress pants. The host was in his graduation gown. Not too many girls as daring as Melissa and I, though. We went in our bras. There was one other lovely lass in a bikini top and skirt, but most of the other attendees lacked such boldness. However, I don't think I'm bold enough to post the pictures. You'll have to use your imagination;-)

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