Friday, July 12, 2002

Travelog: Middletown/Newport, RI (Part 3)

More cultural observations: Dunkin donuts is really big here...Jeeps/Trackers are popular among the young locals...everyone dresses casual...even at the height of tourist season, this place is very laid back. Even the people who work here look like they are on vacation. However, for being a "small touristy town" this place has a lot going on. Last night, I went on a walking Ghost Tour of historic downtown Newport. The narration was a little corny, but it was a great way to see lots of drippingly gorgeous buildings dating back to 1700. Walked through several cemetaries where the stones were so old most of the letters were worn away--very cool. I needed the walk because I had stuffed myself with sushi at the Seashai again. If I was staying until Saturday, I would visit the Newport Artillery Co.--the oldest military organization in the country, chartered back in 1741 by George II. It is a museum now run by re-enactors. I also regret having stayed in a large hotel chain, when I could have stayed in one of the many lovely historic B&Bs on Clarke St. On my way to the ghost tour, there was a "Shakespeare in the park" performance going on in Queen Anne's Square, put on by the Trinity Repertory Co. They were doing the Comedy of Errors in a very unconventional manner--everyone was dressed in very casual modern clothing, shorts and t-shirts, some actors had various hats hanging from utility belts that they used to play multiple characters...there was no set, other than the green grass of the park and the locals in their lawn chairs.

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