Monday, November 04, 2002

Belly Button Ball

Had a great time this weekend! Khafif went on tour deep within the heart of Ontario, Canada to perform at the Button Factory in Kitchener. This was one of the best-organized events of this kind that I ever attended. It featured a surprising array of talent from the area in a series of whimsical and very imaginative bellydance performances that were part of a "Halloween" theme. We (aka, "The Vampirelles") did a special spooky performance to Santana's "Black Magic Woman." Here is a good pic of all of us:

We also did a more typical performance to a melody of Turkish tunes, but I just played on my fiddle for that. Here is a pretty good pose by Safa and Neefa:

Earlier that day, there was also an Egyptian bellydance workshop, taught by Roula, who was awesome. There isn't much tribal bellydance in that area. It is almost exclusively cabaret-oriented, but there was a lot of interest in our act and we probably made an impression.

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