Friday, November 15, 2002

In RTP Next Week

Travelling for work next week and I'm going to one of the two places where I am typically sent for work, Raleigh-Durham or Research Triangle Park, NC, the other place being Rochester, MN. They are just about tied for the most boring place on Earth. Apologies if you live there, but I have yet to find anything interesting in the RTP area. If I had friends who lived there it would be different, but as it is, it is a scary place. Last time I was there, when looking for a bookstore in the phone book, I realized I was in trouble when the list of "christian bookstores" outnumbered the "normal" ones. I also had trouble finding a Starbucks (or even a good independent coffeehouse)--a real clue that you are far from civilization. My only consolation is that I know a good sushi place there, and a good Mexican resstaurant too, and if I can find the Barbecue place again, I think I'll survive.

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