Friday, October 31, 2003

Razed in Black RAWKED. I danced so long and hard, I'm surprised I'm still ambulatory. They are Industrial, just the way I like it: fast, hard, crunchy, and danceable. At their worst, they are derivative of NIN, but also sound a lot like Fear Factory. I was liking it a lot. I was also liking the cute lanky young men who were into it, thrashing about on the dance floor. I was not so much thrashing as I was undulating, but that's just me. I was not so impressed with the other bands--they were good but not my cup o'tea. Psyche was good danceable music. Oneroid Psychosis might be good atmospheric music for listening at home, but was a little boring and slow-paced for the club. They reminded me a little of Godflesh. Turn Pale was punk-like, and the singer reminded me a little of John Lydon, but did not appeal to me. Anyway, I had fun. I met some new people, talked to some people again that I recently met at Ceremony (goth night @Upstage), bought some rings and some fun fake hair from the vendors there. Going out somewhere, by yourself, not knowing who else is going to be there, is a lot different than going somewhere with friends or where you will know everyone. There is an unpredictable quality. You never know what might happen, who you might meet, etc. It could be fun, it could be boring. It's also nice to spend quality time with friends;-)

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