Monday, October 06, 2003

So I'm back from my travels and I took NO pictures. Sorry. It just means that I was so distracted and having such a good time that I couldn't be bothered with it. And, OH am I feeling the pain now. I had WAY too much fun. If I told you everything, I would have to kill you;-) Firstly, the conference that I was attending in Boston for work went well. I gave two presentations and they were well attended and received. I was very popular. It was a good feeling.

Boston is great. I already told you about the bellydance thing...that alone is enough reason for me to try and get back to Boston again. But, I've got some other reasons, too. You know who you are;-) Friday, went to ManRay as I foretold. It is a really nice club, large with multiple bars and two dance areas. Lots of people, lots of fetishy gear. Despite the warnings that the Boston goth scene is somewhat snobbish, I managed to meet/talk/dance with a few friendly people. If I had a chance to go back, I would try another night to see what the rest of the scene is like. There are also a bunch of other clubs that I would try. And I would definitely go back to the Middle East Club again.

Portland, Maine, was even better. I drove up Saturday and stayed with a friend from Pennsic, who was kind enough to organize a dinner party for me with all his friends and then take me out to his local hangout/club where he and his friends made an extra-special effort to introduce me to people and talk to me. I almost felt like I belonged there. It reminded me of the good 'ol days at the Beehive (R.I.P.--see link at left for the Beehive Refugees page). Of course, by Sunday I was in tears at the thought of leaving. I'm still a bit weepy. But I guess I'll have to get used to it, having friends in other cities far away.

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