Thursday, November 27, 2003

Checked out the Matrix club last night. This was one of my rare forays into "normal" land. And I think that I did stand out like a freak in my black trousers with a chain and long trench coat. The crowd was mostly very normal-looking college-age kids. For me, it was like being in a foreign country or on another planet, even. But I had a lot of fun dancing and freaking people out;-)

Monday, November 24, 2003

...And so Kharma balances everything out...had a very good weekend. On Friday, I performed for the first time as a dancer with Khafif (I'm the fiddle player, remember?) It was a good feeling. I hope they let me do it again. The audience at Chatham college was very alive and appreciative. It was also dessert night, yum! Afterwards, the other dancers and I raced over to Maria's kick-ass advanced bellydance class. I think I am becoming a masochist. However, don't go getting any ideas--you can still call me "Mistress Megan" ;-) Saturday, went to a baby shower, ick, but it was nice hanging out with mom and relatives, as long as I don't have to do it that often. But, the highlight of my evening was probably my "date." Dinner and Ceremony (goth night) turned out to be a very enjoyable combination. Sunday was also loads of fun. I dusted off my old Canon AE-1 Program and took a few cliche ubiquitous goth-in-a-cemetary photos with a friend, He also took the fab pix of me.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Okay so I had a super-crummy morning and would just like to vent. First of all, it's another lovely day in Pittsburgh: rain all day. I was running late as usual and I locked myself out of the house. I banged on the door and rang the phone for 20 minutes solid but wasn't able to stir up any roommates. I was almost going to call my bro but then just decided on breaking & entering. Needless to say, missed my bus, got the next one, hit a huge traffic jam and sat for about an hour. I'm staying here late anyway, but good thing the boss is out of town. Oh, hey did I mention that Pigface is here tonite? But I don't think I'm going now. No matter what, tomorrow night, I am going to see Lacuna Coil, then 80s night afterwards at The Upstage. Also coming up, Dec. 3, Christ Analogue, and Dec. 13, Cradle of Filth with Type O Negative, all happening at Club Laga.

This weekend...Friday, I am performing with Khafif at Chatham College for an International Fashion Show. Saturday, please have pity on me, I'm going to a cousin's baby shower, then goth night/Ceremony@The Upstage (I will need it). Sunday, I'm hoping to shoot some "artistic" photos;-)

Monday, November 17, 2003

I had a whirlwind tour of the greater Boston area this weekend. I saw a little of Salem, Lowell, Haverhill and Braintree (geez! I was all over the place!) It was fun. It was a personal trip, wierd for me, and I kept wondering, why am I doing this? But it was so worth it. I got to relax and just "chill." To do this, I had to leave town:-) I saw a little bit of Lowell, enough to realize that I want to see more. They have lots of art galleries, culture, museums there that I should check out, given more time, such as the American Textile History Museum. I went to the hafli in Braintree and saw how the rest of the world interprets "bellydance." It's still very old-school there. I hear that tribal is starting to catch on, but what I saw was all classic Egyptian/American cabaret stuff. But who the heck cares? I got to dance with a crowd of wonderful people to live music!!! Everyone was having a great time. I was proud to be the lone ambassador of "tribal fusion."

My hosts were fab. They took such good care of me. I wanted for nothing. I was lucky to stay with people of such good musical tastes--I discovered a new favorite band: the Cowboy Junkies--and I had a moment of Zen when I heard the tune, Hallelujah, from the Shrek soundtrack (of all things, huh?). The lyrics just made me smile--you have to trust me on this one!

And then, I ate a lobster while waiting for my plane, and I'm home safe once again. It was a great weekend.

Here's another photo from the hafla in Pittsburgh...we did our dance to the tune "I will survive."

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

A couple photos from the hafla...

My digital camera died, so this is all I have for now, but I did take some pix with my film camera and will post those as soon as snapfish is done with them.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Saw The Matrix: Revolutions last night at the Omnimax theater. I liked the movie for the costuming, special effects and deeply spiritual ending. The scene at the club with "the Merovingian" was especially delicious--I wanted to see more of that. I give it a B. It was not as good as the first one. It was pretty much a continuation of the second movie. Seeing it on the Omnimax screen had its advantages and disadvantages. I actually had to turn my head to see the peripheral bits of the screen and some of the action seemed to move too fast and close in front of me. I needed to "zoom" out more, as it were, but I guess I'll go see it on a normal flat screen at some point.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Another one of those lots o' work to do but don't feel like doing it. It will get done eventually, though. It always does. The big news for this weekend is the upcoming hafla at the Quiet Storm Coffeehouse, sponsored by Khafif. I will be playing fiddle, dancing, and maybe even singing! Performances start around 9 pm. Nominal fee at the door and we will be providing snacks. It may be one of the last few times you see me perform with Khafif because I need to take a break for a while to pursue my other other news, life with roommates is good. Everyone is so worried about getting along, and the house is in a state of disarray at the moment, but I am really glad to have these folks living with me.

So, I haven't even talked about this past weekend yet. I didn't even foretell what I was going to do, did I? That's because I really wasn't sure. I was so beat on Friday from staying out late that I stayed in and went to bed early. I know I'm getting old. Saturday, did the typical things on the South Side: Olivia's dance class, pizza at Vesuvio's, then went over to Swank Gear at the urging of an anonymous online friend. As luck would have it, they had the skirt I wanted and so I had something new to wear out that evening. Lots of cool punk/goth clothes and they need the business so I urge you to check it out. And, there were too many things to choose from to do Saturday night. I ended up seeing some industrial bands at The Upstage (cruciform injection, e-craft, terrorfakt, and Singine) and then hanging out at Ceremony...and then spent all day Sunday recovering from that. I'm definitely getting old. But now that I feel I've rediscovered the joys of going out to see bands, going out whenever I want, &etc., I don't want to settle down.

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