Monday, November 18, 2013

Travelog: New England Aquarium

I was in Boston a week ago. I got to check some things off my "to do" list like go to the New England Aquarium and I discovered some new and cool places to eat/drink in Boston and Salem. Otherwise, it was a chill weekend. I binge-watched the first season of Banshee (Cinemax) - 10 episodes - with my friends in Salem, and that was enjoyable. 

New England AquariumThe New England Aquarium is quite a bit larger than the one at the Pittsburgh Zoo. They have a very large penguin pool, segregated into three different types of penguins: African, rockhoppers, and little blue penguins. They are all so adorable. 

They have several different kinds of sea turtles, and they do sea turtle rescue.

The neat thing about the big ocean tank - it is several stories tall and surrounded by a winding ramp. The tank is open at the top and there are a couple of big projection screens where they do an interactive Q&A with the audience and human divers in the tank. That was very interesting. I learned that predators are lazy. They keep all the predators in the big ocean tank very well-fed, so the predators don't go after the prey animals. 

No sharks. I am told that they had sharks in the big tank, but I didn't see any while I was there. 

I also got to pet the rays in the touch tank. They were so soft and smooth!
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