Thursday, July 07, 2005

Update: I don't post here very often, but I don't want to completely abandon this blog. This was my first blog and the archive captures an interesting period in my life. I do my primary blogging at I also have other blogs hanging about, which I don't post to as frequently:

And here is my dance journal:

Gulf Wars was a blast. I may do that again next year. War Practice was a lot of fun and proved to be a good test of how much stuff I can fit in the cruiser. Pennsic is going to be a blast.

My birthday is coming up. I decided that I'm turning 29 this year. Who cares if I have to subtract to get there?

I'm getting ready to go to Pennsic. I have started to do some sewing but not nearly as much as I want. On the to do list: chemises (undergarments), paned slops or Venetians to go with my Spanish doublet that should be arriving soon from Desert Torch Tailors, a new Entari/Turkish coat, and whatever else I can squeeze in the next 30 days.

Hey, all! Yalla Yalla Hey! is putting on a benefit for Healcrest Urban Community Farm in the Garfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh July 16. Performers on board include Zafira Dance Company and Phat Man Dee!

Doors at 6 pm, show at 7 pm. There will be food, a raffle and open dancing after the show. I will also be performing in the show.

Please come on down and support a good cause.
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