Friday, May 31, 2002

Woohoo! I'm making progress on the new pattern designs! I just had to shout it out--I have to keep up the momentum because I am so overloaded right now, I'm really concerned that I'm not going to reach all my sewing project deadlines. I have deadlines because I am trying desperately to get certain things done before Pennsic. Yes, it's just 64 days until land grab and I don't have much time for having any kind of LIFE until then.

In other news, my blog is now linked from the journals page. Why am I associated with these people? I'm not sure. I'm listed on the PGHGoth Personality index, and I lurk on the, but you might not guess me a goth if you saw me on the street. I have been a corporate drone for many years and my wardrobe has suffered as a result. Also, I am what you call a geriatric goth. I am about 5-10 years older than the more active prominant people on the scene, and somewhat out-of-touch--but I am trying to catch up these days. Coloring my hair red was probably the most drastic thing I've done in a good long while. With recent layoffs in my workplace, I've decided as a silent protest that I will WEAR WHAT I WANT--but I usually don't dress too weird anyway. Gothness is something you never really outgrow, although you may internalize it.

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