Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Will Farscape Continue?

So, I wrote some letters to the key contact people at The Scifi Channel, and if you ever watched Farscape, YOU SHOULD TOO!!! Here is the contact info. I can't believe that they would end such a good series like that prematurely, but such has happened before, I guess. I used to love Michael Moore's TV Nation, but that show was cancelled for political reasons, despite the outcry from fans.

Khafif @ The Waterfront, WPU

Chances are good that Khafif will be busking once again at the Waterfront, probably in front of the Starbucks, but later in the afternoon this time when there is more foot traffic. It's all part of the Sidewalk Art Project. We also may be appearing at the William Pitt Union, lower level, University of Pittsburgh, on Wed. Sept. 25, 8-10 pm for a Middle-Eastern dance party.

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