Friday, December 27, 2002

Recommended: Excalibur on DVD

Received this as a gift and it's a good one. Special features include director's commentary by John Boorman, in which he reveals lots of interesting tidbits about making the film.

Magnetic Poetry

Also got one of these kits--always wanted one but for some reason never had one before--now my fridge has broken out in a rash of magnetic tiles. I'm not much of a poet. I think that my attempts at any creative writing are...what's the word...see that's why I'm not good at creative writing. I'm only good at technical or journalistic-style writing (that's what I do for a paycheck, pretty much). Anyway, my SO has a very special gift for writing sick, twisted, disgusting, hilarious verse that touches my heart, and he does so seemingly effortlessly, so the magpo kit is more for him as a means of entertaining me. BTW, the link above takes you to the official magpo site, which has a wonderful collection of poetry.

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