Friday, June 13, 2003

Quite an Adventure

It's not usual that I am gone from home so long. I think I could get used to it though, if it means I get to go someplace cool. I had quite an adventure. Will post pix eventually--promise. I just have to deal with some technical issues, like almost losing all the data from my laptop, which accidentally took a long drink of diet coke this week while I was at a conference in Orlando. Luckily, I had my presentation backed up. The show must go on, afterall. I like being a "speaker." I hope they let me do that again. I am getting my life back together after the near-meltdown. I moved my office today. Drumroll, please.......I got a window. I still have a lot of catching up to do, though.

This Weekend...

Already saw a great show at the Pittsburgh Three Rivers Arts Festival: Squonk Opera, with a guest appearance by Khafif's very own Narah. She was lovely. There was talk among the troupe about possibly busking at the Arts Fest tommorrow afternoon as well. Tomorrow evening, Zafira Dance Co. will be hosting another show worth checking out at the Kelly Strayhorn Theatre in East Liberty.

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