Monday, September 09, 2013

Please help: Donations needed for sick rescue puppy

I am posting this on behalf of a dear friend of mine who is foster-caring for a very sick puppy, and they are facing a very high vet bill as a result. The dog has every chance of getting through this illness, and then finding his "forever" home. I would like to see that happen, so I'm asking that you read this story and consider making a donation, however small, because every little bit helps. Thanks!

"Max" is an adorable Corgi-Shepard mix
Poor Max at the vet: they sewed an oxygen tube to his snout!
 Read Max's story:
"As many of you may know, one of my volunteer activities is with an animal rescue group called Animals Against The Odds. The organization was started by a then 10-year old girl (she's 13 now) who wanted to make a difference in the lives of shelter animals, but wasn't permitted to work with any of the local groups due to her age (you must be 18). She and several friends started their own rescue group, and have helped hundreds of animals in the 2.5 years they've been in existence. One example of the types of projects they work on is the Annual Winter Warm-UP: every winter they provide straw, insulated dog houses and cat houses as well as other supplies to animals left out in the cold.

Recently we had a puppy come in to foster (and that Mike and I are fostering) who became very ill. He was fine, then all of a sudden he was deathly ill with pneumonia, a temperature of 104.3 and needed to be rushed to the emergency vet hospital, put on oxygen, antibiotics and fluids. The estimate the vet hospital gave us was a minimum of $2700 (see attached). He's doing a bit better today, but I am helping to fundraise and cover the cost of this bill. To that end, if you can help us at all, it would be GREATLY appreciated. You can call donations in directly to PVSEC (the emergency vet hospital) at 412-366-3400 and ask that they put a credit on our (AATO) account or you can give via our You Caring fundraiser link below. If you would prefer to mail a check, that information is below as well. If you could also forward this on to any of your animal loving friends, we'd really appreciate it. These kids make a heck of a difference in the lives of so many animals, I love supporting them.

Thanks !


For Checks:

Make payable to Animals Against the Odds
PO Box 97890
Pittsburgh, PA 15227

Donating Online (You Caring)

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